1958 EVOO PET (2L – Box of 8 units)

18,70149,60 IVA incluido

Box of 8 2L PET bottles of EVOO Loxa 1958 Blend

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The colour changing process of olives indicates their ripeness. They turn from green to purple, the beginning of the ripening phase, and extra virgin olive oil is produced in this state, of a predominantly hojiblanca variety, with a deep personality, with medium fruity tones, reminiscent of their recent state as a young green olive, but enriched with subtle spicy and bitter hints, giving it the perfect balance of aroma and flavour. All of the grandeur and excellence of traditional extra virgin olive oil; the kind you’ve always had.

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Weight 15 kg

Aceite de oliva de categoría superior obtenido directamente de aceitunas y sólo mediante procedimientos mecánicos.
Valores medios 100 g:
Valor energético: 3700Kj (900Kcal)
Grasas de las cuales:
-Saturadas: 14 g
-Monoinsaturadas: 78 g
-Poliinsaturadas: 8 g
Hidratos de Carbono: 0 g
Azúcares: 0 g
Fibra Alimentaria: 0 g
Proteína: 0 g
Sal: 0 g
Vitamina E: 15,5 mg
Ingesta de referencia de un adulto medio (8400 Kj / 2000 Kcal)


Preservar del calor y del exceso de luz.
Origen España / Producto de cooperativa
Producido y envasado por San Isidro de Loja S.C.A
P.I. Manzanil II, Avda. José Velasco S/n
18300 Loja, Granada, España R.S.I 16001559/GR
+34 958320198 / ventas@loxa.es



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