Nature, the land, is a determinant factor in Loxa’s cooperative and business formation. Andalusia, with its impressive and rich natural environment, enjoys a deep personality which determines its sociocultural reality.

The Andalusian countryside is the soul of Loxa. And in turn, thanks to its commercial strength and its firm commitment to sustainability and the bio-economy, Loxa guarantees the future of the Andalusian countryside.


The olive grove is the Andalusian forest. The true and vigorous eco-environmental and economic lung. A streamlined, geometrical, sustainable forest which is a source of wealth. An environment where everything is used from the raw material: the olive. Loxa’s constant research of techniques has perfected the production process of high quality compost. On the other hand, an area of work in which significant steps are also being taken is in the recovery, filtering and marketing of the olive stones as a quality biomass standardised for the production of biofuels. The trend is to reach zero waste. Going back to the origin of making use of everything. Giving back to the olive tree what the olive tree gives us.

What comes from the earth is returned to the earth positively.