The San Isidro de Loja Agricultural Cooperative was founded in the town of Loja in Granada in 1958 with a determined vocation of both present and future. The countryside has its own times and you have to move forward with it. Immediacy has no place here. The exquisite quality of Loxa’s products lies in a tradition formed many years ago, a tradition which cements the wisdom of farmers that work the land day in, day out.

Over the years, Loxa has become one of the largest extra virgin olive oil mills in Spain and, therefore, the world. Its production capacity reaches 50 million kilos of olives and three million kilos of fresh green asparagus during each season.

In addition, today, its constant vocation of innovation and progress has positioned Loxa at the forefront of agricultural production and sustainable oil production, from both a bio-economic and commercial perspective.

On the one hand is the aspiration to reduce waste to a minimum, producing a positive environmental footprint thanks to the conversion into high quality compost and biomass of the waste produced during the production process of the virgin olive oil. This is already a reality in the new treatment and waste management plants.

On the other hand, on a commercial level, Loxa hopes to sell most of its production directly, thereby generating a high added value in the origin itself.

Throughout its already extensive history, and thanks to the work, efforts and dedication of its members, Loxa is a solid, dynamic and innovative choice for the present and future of the Andalusian countryside. And always with respect for tradition and the environment, as a light and inspiration.