Loxa is a social-work cooperative with nearly 1400 members. Since its beginnings, Loxa’s family nature has gone far beyond knowing the livelihoods of the cooperative's members and their families.

Social Network

Today’s 1400 members and their families, direct workers and helpers, professional farmers and family farmers, shops and businesses closely related to the cooperative’s activity, and all of the people who are in some way linked to Loxa, make up a human web, comprising women and men, who go beyond a mere commercial relationship. Loxa is a real social network. And also a financial and cultural network. And, of course, a family network too. As such, Loxa offers its members and customers a series of supplementary products and services including, fuel, telephony, fertiliser, plant protection products, supplies, spare parts, technical advice and tolling services for self-consumption.

History, family, territory, sustainability, concepts intrinsically linked to Loxa since it became an agricultural cooperative in 1958 and that we can summarise in one idea: progress.

And we cannot forget an essential member of our family, the olive tree. Our brother, the olive tree.